The Impact And Assault Of Epidemic On Human Hair Business

When time flys till this moment, we can definitely say, the 2020 is destined to be a tough and extraordinary year!

According to the latest news reported, this epidemic led to more than 91,436 people infected with 4,746 people died in China. And in the most seriously infected country United States, there are 8,216,315 people infected with 222,717 people died. This virus pandemic directly affects everyone in this planet, and also brings a huge economic loss to each country. For example, it directly leads to more than 16 trillion U.S.dollars loss in United States. This is a very horrible number to a country, even though it is still the most powerful country on economic topic in the world.

Well, let's come back to our today's topic - the human hair business. The first problem is that recently many of our customers complained that they are lacking of lace closure, lace frontal, and lace wigs instock now, and they want to purchase them for the arrangement of their Christmas season. Why and what leads to this situation? To be honest, the processing of lace part (no matter closure/frontal/wigs) is in North Korea for many of the hair suppliers in China. But it is pity that this country had been locked down from more than half year ago, and probably till at least the end of this year, or even the beginning of next year. That's why the whole market in China are lacking of lace closure, lace frontal, and lace wigs. Thus, rare is precious, the prices of them are also increased a lot.

Shine Beauty Hair Co., Ltd., as a professional FACTORY DIRECT SUPPLIER of real high quality standard 100% virgin human hair in China, we are confident to say that we still have some 4x4 lace closure, 5x5 lace closure, 13x4 lace frontal,and 13x6 lace frontanl in stock now. But according to our company latest regulations against this situation, it has to be purchased at least another two hair bundles while you purchasing each one piece of closure/frontal. This is the fairest distribution method to both you and us!

The second problem, as told at the beginning, there are lots of people infected and died because of this epidemic, the hair source is much tougher to be collected to many manufacturers of human hair. People may concerns if the hair carrys virus or not. Then will the customers be infected even purchased hair from China?

Well! You please do not worry about too much for this issue. Firstly, our factory have very stable hair material collector who help us to collect superior hair from all over the world. Secondly, as everybody knows, this virus is strong and fast spreaded. So our factory will firstly request our hair collectors to use special method to do disinfection before they sending us the hair materials. Then our factory staffs will also do disinfection again when make processing on hair (sewing in bundles and other parts of job) on our production line. At last, while hair goods arrive in our company warehouse, our colleagues will do disinfection for the thirst time on the outside packing bags of each bundle, closure, frontal and wigs. These three times of disinfection will largely kill the virus before each package out to abroad. If you think this is still not safe enough, that means our company people will firstly suffer infected by the virus.

Totally speaking, this year is very tough to everyone. But our lifes have to be continued, right? So let's try our best to go through it safely together!